Strong Quotes for Women that will empower you with positivity

Quotes about Strong Women

Women are the integral part of our human race and mankind. Whatever we have achieved till date and what we will discover will always be grateful for women. You know what makes women apart from this world? – their dedication, their humility, their hunger, their selfless attitude and so on. The list would go on and on and you will never hear the end of qualities women possesses. Strong Quotes for Women only help us realize that history bow down to female mankind which overcome great taboo and showed the world about their capabilities.

Women are subjected to lot of question about their capabilities and their physicality to match man’s greatness. But to be fair women have been always ahead of men in every field and every qualities. Women are asked if they could bear the pain and toughness as men but in fact they were gifted with such physical endurance while giving birth to a baby. In the 21st century, we no longer could say that women do not belong in professional or any other fields. On the contrary, History have taught us that if you face them against the wall, they will rise from the ashes.

Here we will look at some Strong Quotes for Women which will help them motivate and inspire to work hard:

Strong Quotes for Women

Women can take up role and responsibility of Mother, daughter, sister, friend and many more. They can be strong enough to compete against the giants in the professional fields. A women can be both a strong women in professional field and a good and loving mother at the same time.

“One of the most courageous things you can do is identify yourself, know who you are, what you believe in and where you want to go.”

“She was powerful not because she wasn’t scared but because she went on so strongly, despite the fear.”

“Each time a woman stands up for herself, she stands up for all women.”

Powerful women Quotes

“A strong woman is a woman determined to do something others are determined not be done.”

strong women quotes

“Strong women don’t play the victim. Don’t make themselves look pitiful and don’t point fingers. They stand and they deal.”

“A woman with a voice is by definition a strong woman. But the search to find that voice can be remarkably difficult.”

Strong Girl Quotes

Girls have done the impossible by reaching the same heights as the men’s in the fields dedicated for men. They have reminded us when they are freed from the shackles of home responsibilities they can fly as high as anyone in the world.

“Be a first-rate version of yourself, not a second-rate version of someone else.”

“Don’t let anyone speak for you, and don’t rely on others to fight for you.”

Strong girl quotes

“Women are like teabags. We don’t know our true strength until we are in hot water.”

“A really strong woman accepts the war she went through and is ennobled by her scars.”

“The question isn’t who’s going to let me; it’s who’s going to stop me.”

strong confident women quotes

“Nothing in this world is guaranteed, but unstoppable is she who still fights for what she wants and what she believes.”

“There is no force more powerful than a woman determined to rise.”

“A strong woman is one who is able to smile this morning like she wasn’t crying last night.


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