Best Romantic Status for WhatsApp to show your love

Romantic Status can be a great way of saying your better half or loved ones how much you love them. Newly wed couples tend to share Romantic status to show their love towards partner. Over a period of time, love and intimacy tends to vanish among the couples due to their busy routine life. Romantic gestures once in a while will maintain that flavor of love among the couples.

In this Post you will discover Romantic Status for your dear ones that will help you rekindle your emotions towards each other. Romantic Status for WhatsApp can help you impress your crush or your loved ones.

Romantic Status

1) My dear you stole my heart so take care of it.

Romantic Status in English

2) Loving you is something I’m not getting tired off.

3) I hope you never get tired of me.

4) I spend entire day thinking just about you.

5) Who needs friends when I have you my love by my side.

6) If you are important they will make a way, if you are not they will make an excuse.

Romantic Status for girlfriend

7) Not even a million fights could make me hate you.

8) Long Distance Relationship cannot weaken my love for you.

9) Distance doesn’t matter if two hearts are loyal to each other.

10) I feel myself complete when I am with you.

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Romantic Status on WhatsApp

11) I want to be in your arms where you hold me tight and never let me go.

lovely Romantic Status

12) Only fools fall in love and I guess I’m one of them.

13) Love is true when it comes from the heart, not from the mouth.

14) Love me like you do and not by other’s opinion.

15) The heart beats for you and the brain thinks of you everytime.

16) Love is an intangible bond between two souls.

17) The more people I meet, the more I realize that it’s only you I want to be with.

18) You are so special that I don’t need any other speciality in life.

19) I just want a cute, long lasting relationship.

20) If it still hurts then you are still in love with her.

Love Romantic Status

21) Seeing you is the favorite part of my day.

22) Morning beside you in the bed, afternoon in your lap and Good Night kisses from you is the only thing I want in Life.

23) Jealousy is just a sign that you really love the person.

24) You fight with the most important people in your life because those relationships are worth fighting for.

25) Sometimes all we need is a HUG to make us realize that everything will soon be alright.

26) The tighter the hug the better it feels.

27) Even if I had a million reasons to move on, I’d still look for one to stay.

28) We all want someone who is scared to lose us and would do anything to keep us.

29) The hardest thing is not talking to someone you used to talk to everyday.

30) There is always someone who loves you more than you know.

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