Zen quotes that will pave your way for insightful life

Ever thought about leaving all the luxuries behind to focus on something that is inevitable and invisible? – Now that is what Zen teaches us to be in our daily life. Zen Buddhism is solely based on concentration about the true perception of nature and impactful insight into the nature’s mind. In this Post, Zen … Read more

20 Best Robin Williams Quotes about life

Robin Williams was one of the finest actor and comedian in the history of Hollywood. During his acting career, Robin rose to great height with success from movies Good Will Hunting, Jumanji etc. Robin Williams was nominated for four academy awards, winning best supporting actor for his performance in Good Will Hunting. Rob was considered … Read more

Stoic Quotes that will boost your Perspective towards life

Stoicism was originally known as “Zenonism”, after the founder Zeno of Citium. The name “Stoicism” derives from the Stoa Poikile or “painted porch”, a colonnade decorated with mythic and historical battle scenes, on the north side of the Agora in Athens, where Zeno and his followers gathered to discuss their ideas. The word “stoic” commonly refers to someone who … Read more

Latest Status for WhatsApp to express your Emotions

WhatsApp has become integral part of Human life. Distances have only became narrower with the rise of Social Media Applications. WhatsApp among other social media messenger has been a great tool to communicate to your loved ones. Rise of Social Media Applications is due to its numerous advantages and easy accessibility to users. Earlier people … Read more