Love Shayari in Hindi for your Chosen One

Love Shayari in Hindi

Love Shayari is one way of expressing your love and care towards your near and dear ones. Shayari has been one of the coolest way of telling your loved ones about your feelings. Well, lots of people have difficulty in expressing love towards their partner so Love Shayari in Hindi is an easiest way to overcome your problem.

Love is an extreme bond between two people who care for each other beyond their horizons. No matter what the circumstances love birds finds themselves attached to each other. Love Shayari in Hindi can be a no better way to show care and compassion towards their loved ones.

Love Shayari in Hindi Romantic

Caring and fighting goes hand in hand when we talk about couples who are in awe of each other. While very few are able to keep their relationship healthy through out their life. Romance can be a key ingredient in keeping bond between two love souls.

Love Shayari in Hindi Romantic

और क्या देखने को बाक़ी है,
आप से दिल लगा के देख लिया

Love You Shayari in Hindi

You can find millions of ways to show love and care towards your chosen one. But Shayari can be a best way to do so and more so if it is in language which can be easily understood by your companion.

Love You Shayari in Hindi

हुआ है तुझ से बिछड़ने के बाद ये मालूम
कि तू नहीं था तेरे साथ एक दुनिया थी

Love Shayari in Hindi Sad

In today’s dynamic world one cannot expect their partners to stay loyal with one another. However one can always share their feeling for their partner with the help of Shayari in Hindi Sad.

Love Shayari in Hindi Sad

बसा लें नज़र में सूरत तुम्हारी, दिन रात इसी पर हम मरते रहें,
खुदा करे जब तक चले ये साँसे हमारी, हम बस तुमसे ही प्यार करते रहें।

I Love Shayari in Hindi

Love can be the best feeling one can have in the world. Also if one wants to share his feeling towards their loved ones, Shayari in Hindi can be the best way to do it.

I love shayari in Hindi

मुझे बस दो चीजों से डर लगता हैं,
एक तेरे रोने से दूसरा तुझे खोने से

in Love Shayari in Hindi

मेरे हाथ में आपका हाथ हो
जिंदगी भर आपका साथ हो|
उम्र तो यूही गुजर जायेगी
बस आपके प्यार में कुछ बात हो|


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