Unpopular Opinion

Funny Unpopular Opinion

When you hear the word “Unpopular” then it resembles to someone or something that is not known for or do not have popularity among the people. Being unpopular does not mean you are less known or famous rather people try to avoid you for being who you are. This whole concept applies for Unpopular opinion and their usage in daily life. In this post you will find Funny Unpopular Opinion people brag about in the public and still opine in their daily life.

Funny Unpopular Opinion

Funny Unpopular Opinion

Alcohol changes your actions, not your intentions.

The best and only way to sleep is naked.

Left handed person are really lucky.

Disney World is overrated.

Money can buy Happiness.

Fall and winter are better than spring and summer.

American Football is better than European Football.

You don’t need a college degree to get a job.

Traveling is a waste of money.

Pizza is better cold.

Strict parents raise good liars.

Bikes are more comfortable than cars for traveling.

The smell of Petrol and Kerosene is better than the smell of food.

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Unpopular Opinions about Food & Beverages

Potato is the king of Vegetables.

Pizza with sauce taste much better than ketchup.

Funny unpopular opinion about food

Coffee is better than Tea.

Cheese ruins flavorful dishes.

Pepsi is better than Coke. 

Cadbury is the best chocolate in the world.

Beer out of a can tastes weird.

Tomatoes shouldn’t be considered a fruit.

Dark Chocolate is better than Milk Chocolate.

Onion rings are better than French fries.

Funny Unpopular Opinion about Music & Television

Game of Thrones(G.O.T) is the greatest of all time(G.O.A.T) series.

The Beatles are overrated.

Rock is the king of Music.

Breaking Bad is the best television show of all time.

Classical are amazing.

Friends isn’t that good of a TV show.

Concerts are a waste of money: just watch music videos.

Prison Break is underrated.

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Unpopular Opinions about Relationships

Long distance Relationship never works.

It is better to stay single than to stay committed.

Couples that eat together stays together in longer run.

Dating apps aren’t a good foundation for a relationship. 

Relationship is all about two people and their never ending love.

Getting married solves most of your problems. 

Not every couple needs to have children.

Funny unpopular opinion about relationship

Love is not a choice.

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Unpopular Opinions about Religion

I feel like every religion has the same God but they don’t know how to pronounce its name.

God does not differentiate between their worshippers.

Religion shouldn’t exist.

People who are raised religious are more successful in life. 

Religious belief bring hatred among peoples.


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